Anspruchsvolle Nachhaltigkeitsstandards: Zwei Hände halten in den Handflächen ein großes grünes Blatt

Demanding sustainability standards


JUMBO-Textil sites to go climate-neutral by 2035

At JUMBO-Textil, we have set ourselves ambitious sustainability goals: we are looking to be climate neutral by 2035 at our locations in Germany. The next step is to balance emissions across the entire downstream supply chain and reduce these to the extent possible. To achieve these goals, we have set ourselves a clear and concrete sustainability route.

JUMBO-Textil already generates its own electricity from solar, wind and hydro power and uses CO2 compensation services to make its heat generation CO2 neutral. In this way, we save approximately 500 tonnes of CO2every year.* Some of the products we offer are already made from recycled yarns. And what is becoming increasingly important: mono-materials. With narrow textiles made from a single material, we help to ensure that the products can be completely reintroduced into the material cycle at the end of their life cycles.

Clear sustainability route

Our sustainability strategy is the basis for our transformation to a climate-neutral company. It specifies what needs to be achieved – and by when – and defines the actions required to do this. We orient our actions here on the goals of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This means that all social, ecological and economic aspects are covered by our sustainability activities.

In our sustainability declaration , we have committed as a company to the goals and required actions. All staff also commit to considering the sustainability aspects of their actions as JUMBO-Textil employees at all times. And a sustainability agreement with business partners defines appropriate standards for external cooperation.

Anspruchsvolle Nachhaltigkeitsstandards: Ein grünes Feld mit einem Wald im Hintergrund, zum Fluchtpunkt verläuft eine Spur eines Fahrzeugs

Demanding sustainability certificates

Regular external audits ensure transparency and security on our path to climate neutrality. Meeting the environmental management standard DIN EN ISO 14001 has been a matter of course for us for a long time, as has the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100. In 2022, JUMBO-Textil was audited in the areas of environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement and awarded the Ecovadis Gold sustainability rating. We use the NQC platform to specifically validate our sustainability standards for the automotive industry.

“We take our responsibility as a strong, networked company with international operations very seriously,” as Jens Klug, Executive Assistant and Sustainability Officer explains. “We are looking to be climate-neutral at our locations as early as in 2035. The target has been set out. The path has been laid down. And we pushing forward in a determined way.”

* CO2e (e stands for equivalent). CO2 emissions are the most important factor in climate change. But not the only one. Methane and nitrogen oxides (especially NOx), for example, also contribute to global warming.

Global Recycle Standard (GRS): Braided hoses and cord in mono material by JUMBO-Textil

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