Sewn loops, knitted-in connecting parts, mounted fastening elements … To ensure that our narrow textiles fulfil their function for you in the best possible way – whether in an electric car, in a backpack, on an exoskeleton – we fabricate them to offer a perfect fit for the requirement in question. Sometimes connected to a non-textile component. Sometimes sewn, cut or bifurcated for its current use.

Textile components. Top quality. Innovative materials.

Our requirements for the non-textile elements in our products are just as high as those we place on our technical textiles: the materials must be safe, high-quality, and – especially for applications in the mobility industry – quiet and lightweight. This is why we use components made of innovative materials: lightweight plastics or light metals. And we also evaluate them with a view to their sustainability: wherever this is possible, we use plastic elements from recycled materials. As a solution partner, we always develop the components fabricated from our high-tech textiles to be a perfect fit for the specific requirements of your project.

Fabrication expertise

  • Sewing
  • Punching
  • Cutting (cold, hot, angled, using ultrasonic or laser cutting)
  • Fitting
  • Slitting
  • Perforating
  • Eyelets
  • Riveting
  • Press-fitting
  • Assembling with metal and plastic connecting elements
Textile components – JUMBO-Textil
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For medical technology and rehabilitation: Textile components in exoskeletons and orthotics

Exoskeletons are increasingly seeing use in industry, but also in care and transportation: these technical devices, some of which are highly complex, offer people support and relief during physical work. In rehabilitation, they promote the recovery and mobilisation of patients. The central component of these sophisticated medical devices: high-tech-textiles. Manufacturers often require them as prefabricated textile components. We take the load off our customers in the medical technology sector with pre-fabricated textile components – a perfect fit for the end product and delivered on time. This streamlines the production process and reduces the space required in the warehouse.

Sewn loops, riveted tapes, tubular tapes with plastic sliders for length adjustment, cords with fastening elements made of light metal woven in, braided straps with a sewn-on plastic profile … no matter what function a textile component fulfils in an exoskeleton or orthosis, it must have a number of important properties.

Textile components as exoskeleton components – JUMBO-Textil

Textile components as exoskeleton components – JUMBO-Textil

First and foremost, the technical component must be skin-friendly. Whether at work or during lengthy rehabilitation and fitness exercises, people wear exoskeletons for a long time, sometimes for hours, and directly on the skin in part. This is why we use soft and breathable functional textiles, produced in line with the particularly strict standards of 100 by OEKOTEX® product class I for the textile components in the exoskeleton. The textiles themselves add virtually no weight. As exoskeleton components, textile components also need to be as lightweight as possible. This is why we use plastic or light metal for the non-textile elements. After all, every gram counts for products that people wear. All the more so when it comes to medical technology products such as exoskeletons or orthoses. Last but not least, fabricated technical textiles need to be robust and durable.

For the automotive industry:

Whether work or leisure, whether as a passenger going on holiday, or as a passenger in a taxi travelling to a work appointment, whether in a car or in a heavy goods vehicle – people today are online and connected at all times wherever they are. Today, a vehicle’s interior is a mobile communication and living space. Smartphones and the like need to be within reach, tidily stowed and securely fixed at all times.

Textile components: Specific fabrication. Reliable connection. – JUMBO-Textil

Textile components: Specific fabrication. Reliable connection. – JUMBO-Textil

Textile components with high-tech textiles offer a perfect storage solution: no slipping, no wobbling, no rattling – and the digital devices are stowed away and within reach again in a matter of seconds.

Future-oriented interior solutions integrate sustainable textile components. In other words, what people need is storage systems that integrate perfectly into the vehicle, in terms of both function and visual appeal – and that meet the high sustainability requirements of the automotive industry. When we manufacture tapes, braids, cords and nets in our textile components we have yarns made of natural fibres and recycled plastics. The recycled yarns consist of between 85 and 100 percent post-consumer PET bottles. And we use natural rubber to ensure their elasticity. This is how we develop textile components for you that meet the strict demands of the automotive industry and consumers. A perfect fit and individually composed for your interior project.

Textile components: Fixing & Tensioning – JUMBO-Textil

Fixing & Tensioning

Textile components: Securing & Storing – JUMBO-Textil

Securing & Storing

Textile components: Connecting & Holding – JUMBO-Textil

Connecting & Holding

Textile components: Adjusting & Unlocking – JUMBO-Textil

Adjusting & Unlocking