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High-tech Braiding in every fibre: High-performance cables, fire-resistant cords, adjustable tensioning straps, high-strength but lightweight fibre-reinforced parts … from civil engineering to aviation, from toys to the automotive industry – our braidings are used in a wide variety of industries. To allow this to happen, we process high-tech fibres into high-performance textiles on state-of-the-art, digitally controlled facilities. We produce flat braidings, known as braids, or cords, braided hoses or braided rubber ropes.

We define the properties of the braiding – such as its stretchability and porosity – as a perfect fit for your particular requirements and control these properties via the material, braiding angle, number of threads, braiding type and braiding density. This is how the perfect braid is created for every project. Of course, we can offer you individually configured braids, cords and braided hoses as well as yard ware. And whether you need an individual solution or yard ware, whether elasticated or non-elasticated – braidings made by JUMBO-Textil are high quality, functional and precise.

Innovative braiding solutions – taking the hole cord as an example

Our hole cord, and other products, are always created to precisely suit our customer’s individual project: a cord with branches and openings and recently introduced on the market as an elasticated cord. Branches and openings are already woven in during the production process. This avoids interrupting the fibre allowing the cord to permanently provide a secure and stable connection.

Individual braiding structure

From openings that recur every two centimetres over the entire length of the braiding, to cords that only have an opening at the beginning and at the end – for example, as a fastening loop – to complex branched braiding architectures: depending on the application for which the cord is intended, it is given different sizes and different numbers of branches and openings. We coordinate the length, arrangement and repeat with you. The result: an individually configured complex braiding structure – specifically for your project.

Individual braiding structure – hole cords
Individual braiding structure – braided elastics with button holes by JUMBO-Textil

Individual braiding structure – hole cords and braided elastics with button holes by JUMBO-Textil

State-of-the-art braiding system

We develop your hole cords in consultation with you. We produce them on a vario-braider in-house in Sprockhövel (NRW, Germany). This state-of-the-art, digitally controlled special system can braid eight different strands. All spools are programmed separately. This means that we can variably and individually combine the spool webs – and weave innumerable variants. For every area of application. For every project.

Hochmoderne Flechtanlage, Varioflechter – JUMBO-Textil

State-of-the-art braiding system, vario-braider – JUMBO-Textil

Lightweight and quiet – braidings for the automotive industry

Hole cords by JUMBO-Textil offer the best possible textile solution in a wide variety of uses. In automobile manufacturing for modern, sustainable mobility, for example. Components for electric vehicles must be lightweight, quiet and extremely reliable. Additionally, special fire protection standards apply in the industry. Our hole cords meet all of these quality requirements – as a reliable connector, a safe fastener or a practical holding element.

Geflechte für die Automobilindustrie – Lochkordeln von JUMBO-Textil

Braidings for the automotive industry – hole/bifurcation cords by JUMBO-Textil

Benefits in direct comparison

Advantages and examples of use of braids in vehicles – hole/bifurcation cords by JUMBO-Textil

Advantages and examples of use of braids in vehicles – hole/bifurcation cords by JUMBO-Textil

A direct comparison highlights the benefits of hole cord compared with legacy solutions: our elasticated solutions offer the full functionality of metal springs while being 50 percent lighter and approximately 90 percent quieter.

fabricated loops:
Advantages of the perforated cord
compared with fabricated loops:
Application examples
in the vehicle:
  • Clamped
  • Sewn
  • Knotted
  • Overmoulded with plastic
  • Greater stability thanks to continuous fibre course
  • Greater tensile and tear strength
  • No need for manual fabrication processes
  • No need for additional fasteners
  • Hole size, number and match computer-controlled and individually configurable
  • Trim cover fasteners
  • Clamping element for seating and storage systems
  • Utensil net closure
  • Replacement for a spring
  • Force transfer
  • and much more

Lightweight and stable – braidings for medical technology

Like the automotive industry, medical technology is also considered an industry with particularly challenging applications. We manufacture high-performance high-tech braiding accordingly, tailored to the specific requirements of the areas of application and reliable at all times. This is why we weave the openings into our braidings directly during the braiding process. This ensures the stability and durability of our braidings.

Elastics for reliable protection and maximum comfort

Our braided elastics with buttonholes, for example: as braidings for medical technology, they are used for face shields, surgical masks and protective clothing, among other things, and need to reliably protect the people who wear them. In this area, customers need elastics which fit securely even if the face shield, mask or gown are put on and taken off several times a day. Elastics, capable of withstanding moisture, disinfectants and dry cleaning and which are comfortable to wear – even for hours. Our braided elastics with buttonholes, are made for precisely this kind of stress – and are, at the same time, particularly skin-friendly, flat and supple. They comply with OEKO-TEX® standard 100. Braiding for the strictest demands and maximum wearing comfort.

Braiding for medical technology with maximum wearing comfort – JUMBO-Textil

Braiding for medical technology with maximum wearing comfort – JUMBO-Textil

Braiding such as the braided elasticated with buttonholes as yard ware from JUMBO-Textil

Braiding such as the braided elasticated with buttonholes as yard ware

We offer our braided elastics with buttonholes as individual solutions and yard ware. Exactly the way that suits you and your project.