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Elasticated or non-elasticated, fixed or flexible, dense or breathable, super soft or extremely robust – our narrow woven textiles can have extreme and extremely different properties. Depending on the material, weave and finish, they offer additional features and functionalities: they are flame-retardant for use in vehicle manufacturing, are saltwater-resistant for use in protective suits, and are skin-friendly and breathable for rehabilitation and medical technology. Almost anything is possible. In virtually any combination. If your project requires it, for example, also with different properties on the upper and underside of the narrow textile.

The perfect narrow woven textile. For your project.
Based on your project requirements, we develop and provide samples of our narrow textile for you. We select the material for the warp and weft, the thread density, weave type, strength and elongation properties, and colour to reflect the functions the narrow textile needs to fulfil. But also following the requirements for appearance and tactile experience: because with an elasticated tape for smartphone holder in the vehicle or as a closure tape on a business backpack, it is not only function and precision, but also the style and feel which must be one hundred percent right for you and your project.

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For work protection and uniforms: Narrow woven textiles for safety suits, professional uniforms, work and official clothing

Heat-repellent, hook and loop-capable cuffs on gloves for work in firefighting operations, flame-retardant fixings for tools and utensils on a safety suit, salt water- and chemical-resistant elastic gap coverings on protective pants for work in critical environments – our narrow woven textiles are specifically made for the demanding requirements that PPE and workwear need to meet. For us, this also means ensuring that the narrow woven textiles are robust and durable. After all, they are “in service” for years, are subjected to enormous stress and regularly cleaned in industrial cleaning processes. Using high-tech materials, we develop and produce narrow woven textiles in individual colours and with specific properties for industry, public authorities, science and crafts.

Elastische Schmalgewebe in Breiten von 25 bis 100 Millimetern und einer Dehnung von bis zu 200% – JUMBO-Textil

Elasticated narrow woven textiles in widths from 25 to 100 millimetres and expansion up to 200 percent – JUMBO-Textil

Elastisches Schmalgewebe für ästhetische und haptische Ansprüche – das Melangeband von JUMBO-Textil

Elasticated narrow woven textiles for aesthetic and haptic requirements – melange tape by JUMBO-Textil

Narrow woven textiles for survival-critical tasks – specified for a perfect fit

Our elasticated and non-elasticated tapes come in widths from 5 to 300 millimetres. We develop heat-repellent and flame-retardant narrow woven textiles for environments where things get hot. For use on vessels or offshore platforms, for example, we offer saltwater-resistant narrow woven textiles. We also offer narrow woven textiles that are resistant to chlorinated water and flexible in cold conditions. We configure the features individually and precisely for you, in consultation with you and as the perfect fit for your project.

Precisely defined narrow woven textiles for challenging tasks – JUMBO-Textil

Precisely defined narrow woven textiles for challenging tasks – JUMBO-Textil

Heat-repellent and flame-retardant narrow woven textiles for safety suits and workwear – JUMBO-Textil

Heat-repellent and flame-retardant narrow woven textiles for safety suits and workwear – JUMBO-Textil

Safety suits, professional uniforms, workwear and clothing for local authorities all come into direct contact with human skin. And often for many hours a day. This is why our elasticated and non-elasticated tapes are particularly skin-friendly: a formaldehyde-free design that meets REACH requirements is a matter of course for us.

Our narrow woven textiles also meet the 100 by OEKOTEX® product class I standard. Depending on the product and project requirements, we equip the narrow woven textiles with, for example, an slip-proof insert on the top side, an extremely soft surface, hook and loop-capable or with cross-elastication.

We have been familiar with the technical delivery conditions and documentation requirements of public institutions for many years. Whether new developments or enhancements of listed articles, we also help you to handle all queries from authorities – from the request for quotation tender phase, through to detailed documentation and authoring of data sheets.

For outdoor textiles: Functional narrow woven textiles for wind, weather and movement

Weatherproof, practical, robust, skin-friendly, flexible – no matter whether we wear them for sports, hiking or working in the garden, outdoor textiles need to be able to do many things. This is particularly true of our narrow woven textiles for outdoor use. Our hook and loop elasticated belt is just one example of an outdoor expert among our narrow woven textiles: a particularly robust, practical and skin-friendly narrow textile for use in the open.

skin-friendly, washable and hook and loop-capable: outdoor-capable hook-and-loop belt – JUMBO-Textil

Skin-friendly, washable and hook and loop-capable: outdoor-capable hook-and-loop belt

With loops fastened using hook and loop or sewn-on, this elasticated woven tape offers fixed and/or flexible holding options for everything you need to keep at hand – from pocket knives through mobile phones to water bottles. The top side of the elasticated narrow textile is fully hook-and-loop capable. This means that the non-woven tape – which is suitable for all commercially available hook-and-loop tapes – does not need to be sewn on separately. The outdoor-ready belt already includes it. The elastic hook-and-loop belt follows every movement, does without metal or plastic parts and is lightweight as a result. And because the elasticated narrow textile is made for sports and exercise, it is – naturally – skin-friendly and breathable. The elasticated belt can be washed at 30 °C; it is REACH-compliant and meets Standard 100 by OEKOTEX® product class I This makes the rugged narrow textile equally suitable as a running belt for jogging on the beach or as a tool belt when climbing, hunting or building a tree house.

Hook tape capable elastic belt, olive / black – JUMBO-Textil