Elasticated and non-elasticated nets, with or without a crochet selvedge, in widths of up to 2 m and with individual diamond sizes and perforations – knitted fabrics are characterised by definition by their special elasticity. We also control the elasticity of our knitted fabrics through the choice of material and how it is processed. Depending on where and for what purpose they will be used, we choose the raw material and knitting technique and enhance them with additional properties. We also produce bi-elastic knitted fabrics for you on the state-of-the-art production facilities at our knitting mill.

Nets for storing utensils in vehicles and airplanes, catch nets for the sports and leisure industry, fixing nets for the transport and logistics industry, net tapes as holders on functional clothing or backpacks … The applications for our netted and knitted fabrics are as varied and individual as their specifications and equipment.

Safety (and legal certainty) on the road: fireproof nets

The standards and requirements for parts used in vehicle and aircraft manufacturing are extremely high. Nets by JUMBO-Textil meet them. This ensures a high level of safety for the occupants and a high level of legal certainty for the manufacturers: whether magazine and storage nets, bi-elastic nets with crochet edges or elasticated raschel tape – our netted and knitted fabrics keep you on the safe side – and keep the occupants safe on the roads.

Standards fulfilled:

  • UN standard ECE-R118 – horizontal and vertical burning speed
  • FAR 25.853 App. F Part I (a) 1 (II) – vertical
  • FMVSS 302 point S4.3 (a)
  • CMVSS 302 point 1
  • DIN 75200
Nets & Knitted fabrics from JUMBO-Textil
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For motorhomes and tents: netted & knitted fabrics for storage, organising and fixing

The camping and motorhome market is booming. Increasing number of people are using camper vans, caravans and tents for short or longer breaks. The organisation and fixing systems in mobile homes need to be lightweight. They need to be robust. And they need to look good. After all, people consider their outdoor accommodation to be their habitat.

This is what makes our netted and knitted fabrics irreplaceable in the interiors of motorhomes, camper vans and tents. Both elasticated and non-elasticated nets are used here for sorting and stowing small utensils such as mobile phones and charging cables or dummies and cuddle cloths. After all, the prized belongings of campers of all ages always need be at hand when they are on the road. Netted and knitted fabrics by JUMBO-Textil also offer the best possible solution for fixing more robust, larger items in camper vans and caravans.

Aufbewahren, ordnen, fixieren – Utensilien-Netz von JUMBO-Textil

Safe keeping, organising, fixing – Utensil nets by JUMBO-Textil

Items of all sizes are securely fixed, compactly stowed and precisely organised in our nets. We develop our textile organisation and storage solutions as a perfect and precise fit for your project. As a certified automotive partner, we naturally equip our netted and knitted fabrics to meet demanding automotive requirements: flame retardant, water repellent, flexible in cold conditions … whatever properties your product needs to offer, we build it into our netted and knitted fabrics.

Tensioning net for fixing and stowing – JUMBO-Textil

Tensioning net for fixing and stowing – JUMBO-Textil

For work and leisure: Netted and knitted fabrics for backpacks, bags and school satchels

Everything in place, and everything at hand – at all times. The things we take with us don’t just need to be stored safely and cleanly, they also need to be tidily sorted and easy to find.

Whether it’s a travel bag or a clarinet case, a tennis backpack or a school satchel, our luggage needs to be stable, it needs to be lightweight and it needs to have visual appeal. This is why netted and knitted fabrics are regular an important part of bags, cases and backpacks – no matter for which specific purpose.

A robust waterproof outer net for shoes on a hiking backpack, a second, narrower net for a bottle: elastic nets offer the best possible solution for storing items which – like shoes – you would not want to stow inside your backpack or – like bottles – need to be within reach at all times. Lightweight, stable, waterproof and dirt-repellant, they are specifically designed for what can occasionally be slightly tougher conditions on a mountain hike or a walk along the seashore. Inside these items of luggage, netted and knitted fabrics of different sizes offer the required organisation aids.

Of course, the functionality of these nets for luggage items fully meets the requirements your product and its use pose. And our netted and knitted fabrics also follow your product branding in terms of design. Colour, shape, feeling … your product design defines the visual and tactile appeal of our textile components for your project. Almost anything is possible.

Elastic nets in outdoor use – JUMBO-Textil

Elastic nets in outdoor use – JUMBO-Textil

Non-elasticated nets in a backpack – JUMBO-Textil

Non-elasticated nets in a backpack – JUMBO-Textil