Lightweight textiles instead of heavy metal


Metal and plastics-free Lightweight textiles automotive solutions

Lighter than ever, quieter than ever, more connected than ever – Lightweight textiles – this is the vehicle for our new age of mobility. And that is the requirement that vehicle development stipulates for state-of-the-art components. Automotive components must be lightweight, operate silently and meet current information technology requirements. Our high-tech textiles for the vehicle interior meet them: our connection solutions are lightweight and low-noise. Whether in the seating system or luggage compartment. After all, textiles mean minimal weight. Annoying noises are avoided right from the outset. And they help to design interfaces such as charging stations in a functional way, and to store mobile devices in the vehicle neatly and safely. Whether as a retaining strip for the interface box or as a multimedia net.

Ultra-quiet, ultra-light, and ultra-flexible Lightweight textiles

We offer a lightweight metal- and plastics-free solution for tensioning, securing, fixing, organising, suspending and removing – our latest narrow textile innovation. Our perforated cord secures and fixes, for example, seat covers, storage options, nets and more. Thanks to the interlaced openings, no additional fastening or fabrication elements are necessary. Nothing rattles, nothing creaks. A single-grade narrow textile solution as a full replacement for components made of or with metal, plastic or solid rubber. And the potential applications in the vehicle interior are just as diverse as the architecture of the perforated cord.

Technische Illustration einer Lochkordel zur Illustration von Aufbau und Funktionsweise

As a clamping element for seating and storage systems

Technische Illustration einer Lochkordel zur Illustration von Aufbau und Funktionsweise

As a trim cover fastener for seating systems

Braidings for the automotive industry – hole/bifurcation cords by JUMBO-Textil

As a parcel shelf cord

Individually and precisely defined

In our state-of-the-art production facility, we manufacture complex braided structures from a wide variety of materials. Elasticated and non-elasticated. Your specifications – such as fire protection requirements – are precisely defined in advance; the arrangement and size of the openings are individually defined, and the match is computer-controlled. Our new braiding process ensures an uninterrupted fibre course and therefore exceptionally high stability and lightness of the components. After all, where other methods create sensitive branching points that are susceptible to breakage due seams or knots, or where non-textile connecting elements add weight, we simply braid through the branched strands.

Lightweight textiles

Lightweight and low-noise textile connection solution

Free from metals and plastics

Stable openings, reliably interlaced

Hole sizes and spacing individually definable

Diameter individually selectable

fabricated loops:
Advantages of the perforated cord
compared with fabricated loops:
Application examples
in the vehicle:
  • Clamped
  • Sewn
  • Knotted
  • Overmoulded with plastic
  • Greater stability thanks to continuous fibre course
  • Greater tensile and tear strength
  • No need for manual fabrication processes
  • No need for additional fasteners
  • Hole size, number and match computer-controlled and individually configurable
  • Trim cover fasteners
  • Clamping element for seating and storage systems
  • Utensil net closure
  • Replacement for a spring
  • Force transfer
  • and much more

Hightech products with high-end quality

As a narrow textiles and elasticated materials expert, we have supplied premium automotive OEMs and interior suppliers for many decades. Our management systems are certified in line with IATF 16949, ISO 9001, Formel Q and ISO 14001.

Ununterbrochener Faserverlauf, stabile Verzweigung: Lochkordeln für Automotive von JUMBO-Textil

Uninterrupted fibre course, stable branching: hole cords for automotive by JUMBO-Textil

Laces, cords, braided hoses

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