tapes and straps



With elastic tapes by JUMBO-Textil

People have rarely spent so much time at home as in recent months: children have moved daycare and school, grown-ups their offices, and the cinema lovers the cinema, into their own four walls – and people who like to have a home fitness centre. It doesn’t take much. With fitness tapes and a trampoline, the living room, cellar or a roof terrace can be transformed into a studio in no time at all. Textiles from JUMBO-Textil ensure that perfect fitness feeling.

tapes and straps


Possible with sewn-in loops or elements


Weather resistant


Washable up to 60° C


Dimensions and force-elongation behavior individually definable


Comfortable touch and feel


Certified quality according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100


Skin-friendly and low-injury


Individual logo integrable

Fitness tapes and straps made of elasticated textiles

Warming up, strengthening, stabilising, stretching – fitness tapes or loops offer countless exercises for every type of training and every training phase. They are not only extraordinarily effective and robust for training. They also feel great while doing it. Nothing gets wet, nothing sticks, nothing pulls. Good for health and great tactile appeal.

Hygienic training tools

Unlike gym tools made of latex or synthetic rubber, our fitness textiles can also be washed. This means it’s no problem to use the tapes and loops in a group. Simply put them in the washing machine at 60° C and the next time they will be clean and hygienic again.

tapes and straps

Great performance: elasticated fitness textiles by JUMBO-Textil – great comfort, great effect

For every level. For every size.

Our elasticated tapes and straps textiles come in a variety of sizes and with different resistance forces. The force-elongation ratio is specified optimally in each case. This means that athletes can choose a tape with light, medium or strong resistance, depending on their training level and exercise variation. Pockets, mounting links and other storage and fastening systems are integrated for training or running straps.

“We are an innovative partner for high-tech textiles. With fitness textiles, we bring this expertise to bear to keep people healthy and mobile,” explains Andreas Kielholz, Managing Director of JUMBO-Textil. “Our fitness textiles inspire me not only as a managing director, but also as a passionate athlete. Our textile elastic tapes are often used in our own JUMBO fitness studio, and it’s fun.”



Photo top: Maridav / stock.adobe.com
Photo bottom left: Svyatoslav Lypynskyy / 123rf | Photo bottom right: JUMBO-Textil