SolarCar with JUMBO Net on Board Crosses Australia

The World Solar Challenge in Australia – 1,800 miles of sand and burning sunshine. Seven days of heat, dust and strain. All of this in a custom-developed vehicle that is powered exclusively by the sun. The event is a challenge for the team, for the vehicle and for the components. The interdisciplinary SolarCar team of the Bochum University of Applied Sciences successfully mastered this challenge.

JUMBO goes Australia, hier mit einer Nahaufnahme eines Textilnetzes

Extraordinary Conditions – Extraordinary Components

In 2017, a SolarCar from Bochum competed for the seventh time. This time, JUMBO-Textil was also on board. After all, extraordinary conditions necessitate high-quality components that are extremely light, extremely spacious and extremely durable. These were the requirements for the storage solution in the front doors of the futuristic “thyssenkrupp blue.cruiser”. And JUMBO-Textil fulfilled them. And so the team installed the elastic JUMBO storage net in the silver blue solar cell vehicle.

Silver for SolarCar from Bochum

The net provided room for everything that had to be handy during a tour across the southern continent. In view of indoor temperatures of 40 to 50 degrees, drinks are the main need. However, sunglasses, sunscreen, tissues and many other items also need to be stowed away. Thus, the JUMBO net made a humble contribution to the success of the SolarCar and its team, which reached the finish line in Adelaide in South Australia on day 6. At the World Solar Challenge, not the fastest vehicle, but the most energy-efficient one wins. Of the 13 vehicles that participated in the race, only three reached the finish line. The blue.cruiser team came in second. Congratulations!

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Photo: Bochum University of Applied Sciences