Rubber ropes as a replacement for steel springs

Hugely resilient, enormously hard-wearing, extremely precise in their elasticity and versatile in their applications: the innovative technical textiles from JUMBO-Textil are high-tech solutions with outstanding properties. The elastic narrow textiles therefore offer a safe alternative for numerous connections that are otherwise made with steel springs. An alternative with decisive advantages: elastics from JUMBO-Textil are easier to handle, flexible, customisable and easy to store on the drum. The rubber rope can then be cut to length on site according to the current requirements.

High-tech products from JUMBO-Textil: innovation for mechanical engineering

Flexible machine parts, switching contacts, vibrating systems … where kinetic energy has to be converted into potential energy, industry of the future will rely on innovative and intelligent connections: highly developed elastic cables and cords from JUMBO-Textil offer numerous advantages over steel springs:

● Time-saving adaptations to current application
Independent manual on-site assembly
Lightweight and flexible
● Precisely definable force-elongation behaviour
Easy to use in confined spaces
● Greater energy efficiency
● Can be flexibly assembled with a wide variety of connection systems
Space-saving storage

Secure material connections

JUMBO-Textil also develops safe solutions for connecting its elastics – for example, the unique ElasTool interchangeable head system for securing heavy loads: the rubber rope is simply pushed into the housing and fixed by several locking elements. Hooks, loops or flanges are used as the connecting pieces. For weight-sensitive areas, there are connections with injection-moulded plastic elements in lightweight construction.

Potential fields of application:

● Crane trolleys
● Cover systems
● Force transfer and damping in crash testing systems
● Electrical sliding doors
● Sports, play and rescue equipment

The application possibilities of our elastic narrow textiles are countless: “for almost all industries, we can offer textile solutions that replace conventional, heavier and less flexible materials,” explains Andreas Kielholz, CEO of JUMBO-Textil GmbH & Co. KG. “At a time where energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important, every gram counts for industrial components”.



Photos: JUMBO-Textil