Out of responsibility for the environment – and for the company

Sustainability is the central theme of our time. As a responsible company, the staff of JUMBO-Textil focus on products that are harmless to health and environmentally friendly processes.

Sustainable products

All raw materials used also comply with the Environmental Directive of the European Union. We use natural rubber elastomers for our elastic narrow textiles. A raw material that grows back and is biodegradable. And we consistently pay attention to environmental friendliness when it comes to textile components: our metal and plastic components can be recycled. Lightweight design reduces transport costs and energy consumption during the usage phase.

Sustainable processes

In addition, the development, production and delivery processes at JUMBO-Textil are geared towards efficiency and sustainability. Wherever possible, we focus on short delivery routes when purchasing our raw materials, thus minimizing CO2 emissions. We have received certification for this according to the DIN EN ISO 14001 environmental management standard.

Touching and understanding the world – safely: low nitrosamine cords from JUMBO-Textil in baby toys meet European standards. Photo: Selecta Spielzeug, Schmidt Spiele GmbH

Eco-standards – an important factor in the toy industry

Eco-standards are particularly high in the toy industry. According to DIN EN 71-12:2017-03 4.2 (index a), nitrosamines in textiles for children under 36 months must be below the detection limit. We produce low nitrosamine elastic cords that meet this European standard. We manufacture our narrow textiles for the toy industry in accordance with the particularly strict STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, product class I.

Certified products – satisfied customers

“Sustainable products and sustainable production processes are increasingly becoming a factor of success,” says Andreas Kielholz, Managing Director of JUMBO-Textil. “By investing in sustainability, we assume responsibility for people and the environment. And we are investing in the future of our company.”



Photo: Selecta Toy, Schmidt Spiele GmbH