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Narrow textiles

High-quality narrow textiles also form an integral part of the JUMBO product portfolio. Typical products, such as elastic and rubber tapes, webbing and straps, are as diverse as their fields of application.
Narrow textiles are generally fabrics consisting of two thread systems running towards each other at right angles (warp and weft). The raising and lowering of the lengthwise thread (warp) creates a space through which the crosswise thread (weft) is carried. The resultant crossing of threads is known as the “weave”. The number of weft and warp threads is usually duplicated in the weave to produce the repeat pattern. The tightness of the weave depends on the number of threads woven. The higher the number of threads per cm, the denser and therefore more durable and wear-resistant the textile surface.
Whereas narrow textiles of up to approx. 320 mm wide used to be made on mechanical looms, JUMBO today operates cutting-edge, computer-controlled ribbon looms.
Narrow textiles in high-end quality for almost every application are the result. Our team of advisers will be happy to offer you solutions tailored to your individual requirements.