Silently secured: with an elastic multimedia retaining strap from JUMBO-Textil with lightweight, invisibly fitted plastic holders


Narrow textiles and textile components for the vehicle of the future.

Regardless of whether it is powered electrically or by a combustion engine, hybrid or hydrogen: components for the vehicle of the future must be lightweight, quiet and perform precisely defined functions. We specialise in narrow textiles and textile components that do all this – making us the ideal solution partner for the automotive industry.

Quiet, please!

The quieter the motor, the more sensitive the vehicle interior. Disturbing noises are perceived more clearly. They are therefore best avoided from the outset – by using narrow textile solutions from JUMBO-Textil: on seat back panels and door panels, in centre consoles and glove compartments, in boot compartments and many other applications in the vehicle. Digital and analogue companions such as smartphones and ballpoint pens are not only securely fixed with our intelligent storage and holding systems. Our narrow textile solutions also eliminate annoying rattling noises.

Strictly lightweight!

Textile solutions are considerably lighter than mounting systems made of other materials.. In our storage and holding systems we connect them with components made of plastic in a lightweight design or components made of light metal. “Solutions for the mobility of the future must be lightweight,” explains Andreas Kielholz, Managing Director of JUMBO-Textil. “Because every gram less of weight helps – regardless of the motor, but especially in e-mobility.”

Elastic woven tape by JUMBO-Textil made of polyester and elastane

Our narrow textiles and textile components in the interior achieve all this:

● Positioning
● Holding
● Securing
● Fixing
● Tensioning
● Pulling
● Generating recoil or retract force
● Minimising friction
● Preventing disturbing noises



Photos: JUMBO-Textil