New Trend Sport Uses JUMBO Nets

Do you know what drone racing is? This is a discipline in which the contestants pilot remote-controlled flying objects. The quadcopters powered by four propellers race through a demanding obstacle course. The new high-tech sport requires an extremely high amount of concentration and coordination from the pilots who wear FPV goggles and hold a control in their hands. FPV stands for “first person view”. The goggles give the drone racer a 3D view from the quadcopter perspective. It’s as though he was seated directly in the three-pound flight object.

Pit Stop with JUMBO-Textil

At the first Red Bull DR.ONE in Spielberg, Austria, in September 2017, 18 international drone teams competed. The pilots manoeuvred their drones through the course at speeds of almost 100 mph. At the finish line, the quadcopters were caught and stopped by JUMBO nets. The large nets turned the pit lane into a secure catching zone. “The decision in favour of nets from JUMBO-Textil was an easy one: JUMBO nets were the only ones that perfectly fulfilled our highly demanding specifications in terms of durability, material and structure”, says John Messner, CEO of IWX Messner GmbH, the company responsible for the event technology.

Thanks to their outstanding flexibility and high stability, our nets take down the quadcopters securely when they approach the finish line, still speeding along at more than 60 mph: pit stop with JUMBO-Textil. The use of our highly elastic polyamide nets in this spectacular race furnishes evidence of the success of high-performance products. The winner of the Red Bull DR.ONE 2017 was Bastian Hackl from Austria.

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Photo below: JUMBO-Textil