ElasTool: safe, flexible – and brand new

Heavy loads, extreme temperatures, high levels of humidity: legacy connection systems for elastic tensioning elements – such as straps or bottom clamps – often fail to withstand tougher requirements. Thanks to our new ElasTool system, connecting heavy loads is no longer a problem, even under extreme conditions: its innovative technology clamps the cable more firmly, the more tensile force is applied. Even if the cable diameter under tensile stress drops down to as little as 60 percent compared to when it is relaxed, the cable is not pulled out of the housing. The system is thus particularly suitable for safety-relevant applications. This is the first piece of good news. But there is another: ElasTool can be fitted easily and without special tools.


Easy assembly – safe connection

The cable is simply pushed into the housing and secured in place by multiple locking elements. Thanks to the intelligent exchangeable head system, you can use hooks, loops or flanges as the connecting pieces. ElasTool thus ensures a safe connection. And if you do need to replace a cable at any time, you can easily connect the attachment system to a new cable on site.


Unique system – versatile applications

Crane trolleys, door and gate technology, sports, play and rescue equipment … ElasTool ensures safe and easy attachment of heavy loads in a variety of industries and fields of application.

ElasTool – All benefits at a glance:

  • Safe connection – even under extreme conditions
  • Weatherproof and temperature-resistant
  • Easy assembly on-site without special tools
  • For all common elastic cords and cables
  • Exchangeable head system for configuration, e.g., with hooks, eyes or flanges
  • Possible for diameters: 18 – 20 mm
Visualisierung von Anwendungsmöglichkeiten des ElasTools: drei schwarzweiß-Bilder nebeneinander. Ein Containerkran, ein Aufzug und eine Rudermaschine, an der eine Frau trainiert.

Potential fields of application:

  • Crane trolleys
  • Cover systems
  • Force transfer and damping in crash testing systems
  • Electrical sliding doors
  • Sports, play and rescue equipment

We are happy to configure the system to suit your specific requirements.




Photos below: JUMBO-Textil