JUMBO-Textil trains young people

Future to the max: A high-tech company needs skilled staff with an excellent education. Therefore we employ trainees at JUMBO-Textil. We thus ensure highly qualified young talents in the textiles industry – and take responsibility as a training company in our region.

Future of our trainees

Three trainees are currently preparing for their careers as textile production mechanics at our head office in Sprockhövel. They receive intensive and individual support at JUMBO-Textil, and work on state-of-the-art production systems – either in either the weaving or braiding department. After qualifying, these young people are sought-after specialists in their disciplines, and familiar with all textile engineering fields and processes at the same time. Trainees at JUMBO-Textil thus receive top class and versatile professional training in a company with state-of-the-art equipment – and they have the best prospects for a successful career.

Future to the max

Future of the industry

With three trainees out of a total of around 65 staff, JUMBO-Textil makes a strong contribution towards training skilled staff for technical textiles. And thus demonstrate our commitment to the future of the textile industry.

Future of JUMBO-Textil

Training young people in-house is not least a factor of successful enterprise development. After qualifying, JUMBO-Textil trainees have a very good chance of being taken on full time – as highly-qualified skilled staff with an excellent education, who know our products, customers and plant for nearly three years. Each training place is thus also a worthwhile investment in the future of JUMBO-Textil.

You can find more about the training at JUMBO-Textil here.


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