FlexiKlett: The new full-surface hook-and-loop-ready elastic tape from JUMBO-Textil

Extremely elastic, full-surface hook-and-loop-ready, breathable, super-soft. Our hook-and-loop-ready elastic tape has everything an elastic tape needs – and is ideal for delicate surfaces. You can even use FlexiKlett to protect children’s skin or glass. Thanks to its full-surface hook-and-loop capacity, the hold can be flexibly and individually varied. The high-tech fibres made from high-quality polyamide provide maximum flexibility, high elasticity and an extremely soft underside.

FlexiKlett: Versatile applications

The applications for FlexiKlett are accordingly diverse: It can be used for any applications requiring a strong and flexible hold or when sensitive surfaces need to be protected. For example for:

  • glove bands, waistbands, collar fasteners
  • Fixings on rucksacks and outdoor textiles
  • Bundling and holding of sensitive surfaces such as smartphones
  • Bandages, protective bandages and orthoses
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Reduces overhead and costs – in various industries

Automotive, industrial, clothing, marine, medicine, railway, sport – FlexiKlett is used in various industries. It provides security and flexibility, but also efficiency in production: As with FlexiKlett you can avoid the overhead for sewing, procuring and storing fleece tape. You can process it easily and without intermediate steps.

All properties at a glance:

  • Full-surface hook-and-loop-ready and elastic
  • Elasticity over 50 %
  • Flexible adhesive force
  • Micro hook-and-loop-ready
  • Particularly soft underside
  • Breathable
  • Also suitable for children’s skin
  • Producible width: 20 mm – 300 mm

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Photo below: JUMBO-Textil