Flexible luggage securing


FlexiFix – the luggage securing solution for the bicycle industry

JUMBO-Textil offers the bicycle industry a high-quality textile solution for securing luggage with a new system.

Small sports bag, ladies’ handbag or laptop bag. When we are travelling by bike, our luggage should be fastened quickly and securely. No matter what shape or size. JUMBO-Textil has developed a completely new luggage securing system for the front carrier: FlexiFix reliably secures the various bags – in one easy step.

Flexible: for small and medium-sized luggage – and any shape

The clever system is based on an elasticated and fully hook and loop woven strap. The large-area strap is attached to the front carrier, looped around its back and reliably fastened with its powerful micro hook and loop surface. FlexiFix tightens a narrow and small piece of luggage – a school book or exercise book, for example – just as quickly and securely as a fully packed sports bag. If required, the elasticated strap, which is looped around the carrier several times, is simply unwound once or twice and tightened around the item of luggage. In a matter of seconds.

Variable use – for bags of small and medium sizes and formats


Lightweight: Textile luggage solution – for different bike types

Not all bikes are the same. FlexiFix is an innovative luggage fastening system that offers completely new transport options for end users with a customised luggage carrier. A FlexiFix retrofit can be installed on many front luggage carriers.

With the new system, JUMBO-Textil offers an innovative, length-adjustable textile solution for securing bags on the bike.

“Climate protection, avoiding traffic jams, enjoying exercise – there are many good reasons to ride a bike. With FlexiFix, we have developed the right textile solution for the bicycle industry to quickly secure everything that needs to be carried – from laptops to sports bags. As a solution partner, we customise the dimensions precisely to your project,” explains Jens Klug, Sales Manager at JUMBO-Textil, “so that cyclists can enjoy a carefree ride.”

Bicycle luggage securing system from JUMBO-Textil

  • Lightweight, textile solution
  • For small and medium-sized items of luggage and formats
  • Fast and secure
  • Easy to (dis)assemble
  • Child-friendly and without risk of injury
  • Infinitely and individually adjustable in length
  • Washable and quick-drying
  • Robust and durable
  • Suitable for many bike and front carrier models
  • Customised design

Flexible, light, reliable: FlexiFix – the system for securing luggage on the bike


Photos: JUMBO-Textil