Eine Nahaufnahme eines Trampolins. Die linke Bildhälfte zeigt den gelben Außenrand aus Stoff, die rechte Bildhälfte den Anschnitt der schwarzen Sprungfläche. Mittig sind die schwarz-gelben Gummibänder zu sehen, die beides miteinander verbinden.



High-tech textiles for outdoor toys

Trampoline, french elastic, slackline … In summer, it’s time to go out – with the joy of play and movement and with products that are fun, whether in the garden, in the park or on the road. The requirements for outdoor toys are high. They have to be uncompromisingly safe and skin-friendly and should defy weather, wind and sun. With technical narrow textiles from JUMBO-Textil, manufacturers rely on components that provide all of this.

Elastic textiles: safe and robust

Our elastic as well as non-elastic cords and tapes are optimally specified to meet individual product requirements. The narrow fabrics and braids made of high-tech fibers are weather-resistant, and their force-elongation behavior is precisely defined. Narrow textiles for the toy industry are always manufactured in accordance with the particularly stringent STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® of product class I. This covers products for babies and has the strictest requirements and limit values.

Textiles for outdoor toys

Textiles for outdoor toys | Whether in the trampoline, as french elastic, as slackline or as field markings for Indiaca, badminton & Co. – our narrow textiles ensure fun and safety – in any weather and any movement.



Photo top: tassapon – istockphoto.com
Photo bottom: ImagoPhoto – stock.adobe.com