Elasticated melange tape by JUMBO-Textil for exacting requirements

Reliable functionality, select aesthetics, exceptional comfort – our new elasticated melange tape can really do a lot – and looks extremely good doing it.

Great functionality and an elegant design

To create our innovative elasticated tape, we have woven different premium-quality yarns into a high-performance tape for especially exacting demands in terms of comfort and visual appeal. The elasticated material offers amazing performance and robustness beyond its elegant, shimmering melange look and its pleasant, fabric-like feel.

  • Ideal for all applications on visible textile surfaces
  • Premium fabric-like aesthetic and feel
  • Shimmering melange effect
  • Can be manufactured in many individual types and fabrications
  • Additional designs possible: water repellent, flame retardant, etc.
  • For applications in vehicle interiors, functional clothing, the furniture industry, medical technology, and much more.

Wide range of applications in numerous industries

The new melange tape is specially designed and made for all visible applications: from multimedia holding tapes or document retainers in vehicle interiors to the functional and attractive cuff on sleeves, trousers or braces of outdoor or work clothing through to tensioning straps on backpacks, in exoskeletons or upholstered furniture.

“Elasticated tapes are often developed and considered primarily from a functional point of view. In our case it is different: our new melange tape combines great functionality with an elegant design and shows that elasticated narrow textiles can also be aesthetic highlights,” as Business Development Manager, Patrick Kielholz, emphasises. “The potential applications for our melange tape are almost limitless. Exciting solutions are available for almost all industries.”

The most important properties at a glance:

Colours: grey melange, black melange; optionally, various other colour options
Sample: single-colour melange; optionally, longitudinal stripes, melange
Width, Standard: 40.0 mm
Width, Customized: 10 mm – 320 mm
Elasticity: up to 60 %

We also offer customised solutions.