Digitalisation in logistics processes at JUMBO-Textil

“Digital transformation is not a one-off event, but a continuous process. This is why we as a company are also pursuing a continuous digitalisation process,” as our Chief Financial Officer Heinz-Georg Tillmann explains talking about the current status of digitalisation at JUMBO-Textil.

Consistent digitalisation

In the production of our high-tech textiles, we have long relied on digital control technology: Our ultra-modern braiding and weaving machines, like the liquid metering system in our finishing department, are already computer-controlled. Now we have also digitalised the entire work process – from orders to delivery.

Optimally tuned production process

All work steps are precisely coordinated with each other: each incoming order is digitally entered, and uniquely identified by barcode. All deadlines in the initiated production process are automatically calculated and passed on to the departments involved. This means that the bobbins and warp beams are ready to be loaded when the braiding or weaving shop is ready to start. And when it comes to finishing the textiles afterwards, everything is ready for further processing.

Fast and assured delivery

Meanwhile, picking and packing and delivery are already being prepared – so that the order reaches our customer quickly and without any loss of time. The entire production and delivery process is tracked using scanners. We can thus see the status of the order at any time. And independently of location. After all, the digital documentation is available for mobile access. Our customers receive a tracking code as soon as the goods are on their way.

Integrated quality assurance

In addition, the new system also times all quality checks of our products and prepares the results graphically – from the ramp-up test to final testing of the finished product. Any anomalies are automatically detected and reported to the appropriate teams. This means that the process can be corrected immediately if needed. And the hardware for the new system is currently being updated to reflect the state-of-the-art. We still fine-tune the production processes and quality inspections ourselves. The experience and knowledge of our teams are irreplaceable.

Transparency, time savings and assured quality

In total, we are investing 220,000 euros this year in the digitalisation of our business. The investment will pay dividends – especially for our customers, as Mr. Tillmann knows: “We are reducing production times, increasing delivery reliability and transparency and improving quality assurance. And our digitalisation activities will continue – because, as I said, we at JUMBO-Textil see digitalisation as an ongoing development process.”



Photo below: JUMBO-Textil