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Whether elasticated or non-elasticated, whether with single or multiple braiding, from the 5-mm hose to the rubber rope with a diameter of 40 mm, whether as a simple hose or with a complex branched architecture of the braiding – we develop and produce braided hoses specially for your project. On digitally controlled high-tech facilities that are specially constructed for this purpose. Our high-performance, double-braided rubber ropes, for example: the core of latex threads is braided several times in line with the requirements for the project. This ensures reliable surface protection with predefined properties – such as slip resistance, heat, cold or salt water resistance. In consultation with our customers, we choose the material and processing of the latex core threads on the basis of the defined specifications for the force-elongation behaviour. We braid the elasticated core in fully stretched state. In this way, we ensure that the protection and surface properties of the elasticated narrow textile are safe and stable in any stretched condition.

Our braided hoses handle challenging tasks. We develop and produce our technical solutions at our own site in Sprockhövel. This is how we ensure our high quality standards. We use only high-tech yarns from selected suppliers. We are also increasingly using yarns made from recycled and recyclable materials. It is typically the natural rubber content which ensures the elasticity of our braided hoses. And this means that our braided hose perform their function reliably, durably and precisely – in the construction and automotive industries, in shipping as well as in sports equipment or safety systems.

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For vehicle construction: Braided hoses and braided hose laces for the interior

Whether as a seat cover fastener, in the seating system, to replace a spring or in many more use cases: we offer seamlessly braided elasticated hoses and braided hose laces for every vehicle type and model in vehicle construction. After all, we develop the architecture of the braided hose specifically for our customers. Our state-of-the-art, computer-controlled braiding machines offer us almost endless options here. In cooperation with our project partners, we digitally configure the architecture of the braiding before the high-tech braiding system produces it. The result: a seamlessly braided hose or seamlessly braided hose lace which, as a matter of course, meets the most challenging automotive requirements and standards for components in vehicle construction.

JUMBO-Textil is a certified partner of the Volkswagen Group. We configure our braidings and braided hoses for you to suit the project at hand and comply with strict high automotive requirements: flame-retardant, oil-repellent, water-repellent … whatever property your product needs to offer, our round braided narrow textiles provide it.

Unelastische Flechtschlauchlitze in oliv: flammhemmend, wasserabweisend oder ölabweisend ausrüstbar – JUMBO-Textil
elastische Flechtschlauchlitze

Non-elasticated and elasticated braided hose: available as flame retardant, water-repellent or oil-repellent types – JUMBO-Textil

Braided hoses by JUMBO-Textil fulfil important functions. In modern mobility, the textile sheathing also often serves as a protective jacket surrounding non-textile components. A protective jacket that adds virtually no weight and prevents creaking and rattling noises. The appearance is also often another good reason for sheathing with our elasticated braided hoses.

Nahtlos geflochtene elastische Flechtschläuche z.B. für Kabelbäume – JUMBO-Textil

Seamlessly braided hoses are available in diameters from 0.5 – 40 mm – JUMBO-Textil

For environmental protection: Braided hoses for rubber ropes on land and in the water

As a company, JUMBO-Textil has set itself ambitious sustainability goals. And we pursue these goals just as ambitiously within the company as we do with all our products. For example, we contribute to the elimination of pollution. With elastic ropes, for example: a rubber core up to 38 millimetres thick and made of natural rubber is sheathed in a braided hose made of high-tech fibres. And we are also happy to use yarns made from recycled and recyclable materials. Our high-quality, temperature and salt water resistant rubber ropes are used, for example, as barrier structures to contain oil spills. Braided ropes can also contribute to marine protection as important components in systems for water de-plasticisation.