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Textile components

Textile components

Textile components combine narrow textiles with plastic and metal elements. This generates innovative combinations of materials, which are used in a variety of technical applications. Depending on the customer’s specifications and areas of application, the material bond can be achieved by injection moulding, pressing or sewing. At the tailoring stage, hot, cold and ultrasound cutting processes are used. Alternatively, the textiles can be sewn or die-cut. Overmoulding of narrow textiles is also possible.

Textile components

Depending on our customer’s needs, we manufacture individual components and assemblies, which are tailored precisely to their specifications. 
The range of applications for JUMBO technical tapes is virtually inexhaustible. Innovative materials, intelligent fibres plus new technologies and ideas constantly expand their range of uses. In this context, our customers particularly appreciate our expert consulting services and solutions. That is why textile components from JUMBO can be found in an entire array of products from all of today’s industries.

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