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Jumbo netted and knitted fabrics

Netted and knitted fabrics

These days JUMBO is an established brand name in the industry and synonymous with netted and knitted fabrics. We develop and produce knitted fabrics for a host of applications and supply to an extremely wide range of customers in a broad spectrum of industrial sectors. 

JUMBO produces knits as fabrics and nets. The knitting process differs from weaving in that the threads are not interwoven at right angles to each other, but formed into stitches in which one thread is looped around another. 

In the JUMBO product portfolio, you will find elastic and non-elastic elastic knitted fabrics in widths of up to 380 mm. We produce full-surface and customised perforated knitted fabrics, i.e., fabrics with holes of customer-specified sizes. 

Elastic and non-elastic netted fabrics, as required with or without crocheted selvedge in a selection of widths and rhomb sizes complete our portfolio. Here, too, our extensive and diverse JUMBO portfolio leaves nothing to be desired.

Product overviewn netted and knitted fabrics