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Braided products are one group with a long history at JUMBO. Braiding is a production method in which several strands of synthetic and/or natural threads are regularly interwoven. Braiding differs from weaving in that the threads are not interwoven at right angles to each other but crossed over. 

Mechanical production of braiding began back in the 1930s at JUMBO. While still operating under the name of “Spezialfabrik gummielastischer Kordeln und Litzen”, the company started up its first industrial braiding machines for the production of elastic articles at its factory in Wuppertal. 

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On the basis of the know-how it has gained over many years, JUMBO today develops and produces an extensive range of flat mesh textiles (braids) and round braids (cords/elastic cords) for an array of applications, including elastic braids with elastomer and also low-elastic braids containing no elastomer components, which owe their elasticity purely to their method of production. These braids, whether flat or round, all have soft edges and become narrower when stretched. They can also be produced in buttonhole versions so that they then offer adjusting and fastening options of different lengths thanks to their individual repeat patterns, hole sizes and number of holes. 

The degree of elasticity in the cords, as in the braids, varies according to their elastomer content. JUMBO produces an elastic version (with elastomer) and also a low-elastic version (with no elastomer component) of round, square, oval and also flat cords. The cord surface can – depending on the application – be produced from a variety of materials, for instance, soft, hard or particularly abrasion-resistant materials. 

JUMBO elastic ropes have a heart of latex threads. Depending on the intended purpose of the rope, the required quality of the latex threads is determined by their predefined stress-strain behaviour. The latex heart threads run into the braiding with a significant degree of pre-tension. The elastic rope is produced in its fully extended state and becomes shorter as it exits the machine to finally settle at its output length. Double braiding sheathing the elastic heart provides it with soft and reliable surface protection against external influences.

JUMBO produces and supplies braiding for every application. Ask our team of competent advisers; we will be only too happy to help!