Startseite » JUMBO in Sprockhövel: Timeline of a new construction



In the beginning, there was … a plan.
This was a sketch of the new JUMBO company headquarters on the 13,500 m2 site in Sprockhövel.

October 2015: Putting the plan into action

The excavation work begins on 1 October 2015 to turn the construction plan into a reality. With small … and large machinery …

Start of 2016: The shell construction is formed

The diggers are followed by cranes … and the shell construction is erected.

June 2016: Let there be light!

A window facade on the first floor makes sure the office rooms are bright and flooded with light, … but the daylight also flows in through the production halls.

August 2016: The elephant is the first thing in place

The elephant already has its place at the very top – widely visible.

Meanwhile, construction works and plans are examined and discussed.
And modifications made where necessary.

September 2016: Wow! It’s taking shape!

The interior construction is moving along …
… at full speed. The maintenance groups are at work hand in hand in all rooms.

And again a wow effect.

Rohbau Jumbo neue Standort in Sprockhövel

October 2016: The finishing touches

The painters draw the final brushstrokes.

November 2016: The short-distance move

The moving van simply drives straight into the hall …
Bringing the equipment for production …

… and administration.

December 2016: It’s time!

In the beginning, there was a plan.
Only 14 months later, 65 employees start working at the new company headquarters.



Photos below: JUMBO-Textil