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We owe our unique profile of expertise to continuity and tenacity, and also to a healthy portion of curiosity and innovative spirit. In the well over 100 years of our company’s history, further development of our knowledge and skills as well as our products has been at the heart of our corporate philosophy. “Stagnation” is a word we here at JUMBO simply don’t understand. And only because that is so are we able to respond flexibly, specifically and ultimately successfully to the growing demands of a wide variety of markets around the world. 


To make sure we always achieve the best results for our customers, our highly skilled staff members work with the utmost dedication to their job. Our success is based on our collaboration as a team in a spirit of respect and trust, the results of which are far greater than the mere sum of the skills of each team member. The JUMBO team spirit results not only in clever individual and highly complex system solutions, but also in our employees generating recognition, success and, ultimately, the all-important motivation to do everything even better. Another result is the high level of staff satisfaction, which is reflected in the fact that many of our employees have been with JUMBO for decades. Apprentices who start out at JUMBO usually continue their working life with our company. The experienced staff members pass on their knowledge to their younger colleagues and develop their own skills at regular training seminars.

All of these elements combined have made JUMBO a sought-after specialist for technical textiles with a worldwide reputation. Major industrial clients from different industries rightly put their trust in our expert textile solutions and our know-how!