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Narrow textiles with a function I: fixing

Everything at hand. Safe on the road.

Narrow textiles fulfil many functions: they hold, they lift, they clamp, they stretch ... – and they fix. One of the central functions of narrow textiles is to fasten objects securely. This function of our high-tech textiles is used in virtually everything that moves: in vehicles, airplanes, and ships, on bicycles, in sports, on backpacks and much, much more.


Tidy outdoors

Our tapes, cords, nets and textile components safely fix everything that needs to be stowed to backpacks and sports bags – from lip balm to sleeping bags. You can rely on high-quality and reliable narrow textiles from JUMBO-Textil. Even on a high-altitude mountain tour.

Elastic Raschel tape made of polyester with a hand elongation of 100 %
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Comfort in the interior

Most people have their mobile phones with them around the clock. Even in the car. If not fixed in place, however, the smartphone becomes a dangerous projectile in sharp bends, or in case of an emergency stop or an accident. Multimedia stops by JUMBO-Textil solve the problem. From ballpoint pens through sunglasses to tablet computers, we offer comfortable and secure fixation solutions. For example, with braided rubber cord with holding clamps pressed on both sides. It can be installed invisibly, fixes the smartphone securely and quickly and thus enables contactless charging while driving. The JUMBO-Textil solution is already in use in series production, for example, in the centre armrest – and on the road.

Flame retardant braided rubber cord with holding clamps pressed on both sides
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Solution partner for high-tech textiles

But we also offer reliable fixation solutions with high-tech narrow textiles for many other industries and applications. For example, for transporting particularly sensitive objects or for skin-friendly fixations in medicine. "Our innovation teams are constantly enhancing our narrow textiles. We develop individual solutions for special requirements", explains Andreas Kielholz, Managing Director of JUMBO-Textil. "Because JUMBO-Textil is more than just a textiles manufacturer. We are an innovative solution-providing partner for high-tech narrow textiles."

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