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Quiet, please!

Avoid disturbing noises inside the vehicle – thanks to narrow-textile solutions

The rule in automotive development is: the quieter a component works, the better. People inside a vehicle want to be able to hear each other, their music or maybe just the whirring of the car, but certainly no creaking or rattling – particularly in modern vehicles with alternative (and correspondingly quiet) drive systems in which even quiet noises can be heard.

Noise reduction inside the vehicle

Noise reduction: What can only be achieved in headphone technology by elaborate neutralisation of sound waves is much simpler – and more effective – in vehicle interiors. Since with JUMBO-Textil's textile components, a lot of noise can be avoided right from the outset: by using a tension band instead of a storage flap or an elastic cord instead of a tension spring ... There is no noise generated at all in areas where textile solutions are used instead of metal, plastic or rubber.

Conventional componentsLighter and quieter textile solution
bowden cablebraided cord
tension springelastic cord
plastic cable holdertextile cable routing
release leverrelease loop
plastic fixingsholding strap
storage traystorage net
storage flaptensioning strap / holding strap
solid rubberelastic narrow textiles
spring-loaded retaining elementsnarrow-textile components



An additional advantage of textile materials – especially for climate-friendly vehicles of the future: their light weight. Our high-tech textiles are considerably lighter than conventional components. And if we combine them with other components, it is always with lightweight plastic or light metal components.

Elastic braided cord with 3-layer stitched ends as document holder
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Ring made of elastic woven band as a holder in the coupling box
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Elastic cord with fastening elements, for example as a textile spring for adjusting the seat depth
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Solution partner of the automotive industry

"Our high-tech textiles fulfil numerous functions in the vehicles of major brands", explains Sales Director Automotive of JUMBO-Textil, Werner Thiex. "They clamp, they hold, they fix, they secure. Sometimes standard, sometimes optional, but always reliable, quiet and lightweight."

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Contact person

Werner Thiex

Sales Director Automotive

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